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Foreword by Whitney Robinson
Editor in Chief Elle Decor
Kerry Joyce | The Intangible

Kerry Joyce

Emmy Award-winning designer Kerry Joyce is known for the refined elegance and quiet classicism that unite his varied houses and interiors, as well as his collections of textiles, furniture, and rugs. His debut book spans a fascinating career, celebrating a unique, warm design sense that seeks always to turn houses into homes—to achieve the Intangible through the creation of tranquility and balance. The book covers eight homes in a surprising range of styles, from modern to traditional, urban to rustic, period restorations to entirely newly imagined houses that feel as though they are just as authentic. In addition, a charming introduction describes Joyce’s unusual path to becoming a designer, with thoughtful essays on each part of his work, from houses to interiors to his products. A special view into the creative process of an influential and multi-talented designer.

I always want to design homes that feel good to be in, where all the pieces are in balance and a sense of tranquility prevails. That’s the most special thing I can create.    That’s the Intangible.

Kerry Joyce

Kerry Joyce | The Intangible

written by Kerry Joyce with Lisa Light

published by Pointed Leaf Press


"Gorgeous book!" 

Margaret Russell

"A brilliant must have tome!" 

Whitney Robinson, Editor in Chief, Elle Decor


"The Intangible is overwhelmingly beautiful and pleasurable - A masterful work. His vibe, his talent is absolutely POURED into it - every page just beams! The photography is sublime and when paired with Joyce's stories (and his voice) and the textiles, it's personal and thorough; really impressive. Books like this are hard to do."

Sophie Donelson, Editor in Chief, House Beautiful

"Upon reading Kerry Joyce's new book, The Intangible, he makes the convincing point that his palette of materials and colors results in something that might be called the intangible, a sense of tranquility and balance in rooms that is discernible but not tactile, experienced but not visible. In this compelling book, which reads in part like an autobiography, the reader comes away knowing how he designs, what he thinks about design, and why his loyal clients continue to commission him."

Pamela Pierce, Editor in Chief, Milieu

"His interiors, unsurprisingly, boast the commensurate level of cool. Witness the perfect seafoam green bathroom in Malibu whose petite architectural shelves are covered in an array of starfish and shells (think sophisticated, not sweet); a wood paneled library in Santa Monica whose arched windows frame banana palms; and an all-white mod pad in Manhattan. Not to mention his much beloved fabric line, and his products, too, which makes him a design triple threat. And while he works in disparate styles, the mood remains minimal yet lush, beautiful yet practical. The fact that he has such a diverse range is as disarming as his impish smile. As you devour the contents of this beautiful book in your hands, one thing will become clear: while for many others design is about a signature look, for Joyce, it's a signature feel, one that puts the client first."

Whitney Robinson, Editor in Chief, Elle Décor

“The beauty of Kerry’s interiors are indeed Intangible. In this book, he articulates a process that is often indescribable by a designer—his innate ability to design homes that are viscerally complete. To read this book is to understand how he creates tension and restraint, energy and calmness, intellect and soul.”

Jill Waage, Editor in Chief, Traditional Home

"Kerry Joyce is one of the world's most subtle and sophisticated designers. Until now, however, much of his best work has remained unpublished due to his clients' wishes for privacy. So it was with great excitement that I opened Joyce's new book, The Intangible, which collects some of his most notable - and heretofore unseen - projects in one beautifully produced edition. The book is a marvelous journey through the different aesthetic themes that Joyce has mastered during his distinguished career. Full of delights and surprises, The Intangible assures Kerry Joyce's place among the great designers of today."
Michael Wollaeger, Editor in Chief, DesignLA

"To those in the design world, it seems like Kerry Joyce has done it all. Besides conjuring warm, serene homes for his discerning clients, the Los Angeles–based designer has lent his eye to textiles, furniture, lighting, and rugs….. But somehow, there's one thing this multi-hyphenate talent hadn't found time for: A book. That is, until now; The Intangible, Joyce's debut book, comes out next month. One thing it proves? There are perks to waiting for your debut.  A combination of featured homes (eight in total, ranging widely in style), essays on Joyce's various creative outlets, and a retrospective introduction that outlines his career beginnings make for a holistic representation of a creative force whose work spans many fields."

Hadley Keller, Architectural Digest


"In a way, quietly, these 236 pages and Kerry’s understated text illustrate how to have a highly successful and under-the-radar three-decade career. Put the client first, and create superbly inviting, personal and comfortable classic rooms, is his approach. Timeless but contemporary, fresh and vital but never trendy. Bravo to Kerry Joyce in his marvelous career, and this inspiring book. Please, Kerry, never retire."

Diane Dorrans Saeks, The Style Saloniste

"His fabrics, his furniture, his interiors -  they all have a certain je ne sais quoi.  Now Kerry Joyce, in his first book, sheds light on the intangible, taking readers through eight projects in which his quiet classicism turned mere houses into homes.  You'll want to jump right in -  but don't skip the introduction. Joyce (did know he won an Emmy?) talks about his unusual career path and describes all aspects of his work including product design."

Sally Finder Weepie & Tara Larson, Traditional Home

Los Angeles-based interior designer Kerry Joyce will release his first book this November. Entitled Kerry Joyce | The Intangible, it speaks to that indescribable quality in the award-winning designer's work that elevates the spaces he creates well beyond the merely beautiful into the realm of the absolutely breathtaking, radiating those qualities of tranquility, balance and well-being we associate with the word “home”.  Illustrating the book are eight homes that encompass a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional, urban to rustic, restorations to contemporary. Despite the obvious design differences, they all share that elusive quality that has kept Joyce in the pages of the leading shelter magazines throughout his career. It’s perhaps not so surprising to discover that, in his previous career as a set designer for theatre and television, he won an Emmy; his cinematic eye understands room design as more than just a pretty arrangement of objects and furniture but as a key to understanding a space’s inhabitants.

By Abigail Stone, California Home+Design

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